CLEVIEL is researched and developed by South Korea's No.1 medical beauty group AMOREPACIFIC, working with more than 400 researchers and aesthetics experts for more than 5 years.  It is manufactured by AESTURA, with well-organized facilities under safe and strict quality control system.

AESTURA, a representative of Asian Beauty Creator as world-wide beauty company, it is based on the deep understanding of nature and human beings, concentrates on creating a desirable, healthy and beautiful life for people.


*PACIFICPHARMA is renamed as AESTURA from 1 March 2015  


CLEVIEL – A Completely Different HA Filler


High Concentration Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - 50 mg/ml

CLEVIEL contains 50 mg/ml high concentration of HA (existing products only have 20-25 mg/ml), which has a longer duration and higher resistant to enzyme degradation. It also attributes to the high viscoelasticity

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High Lifting Capacity

CLEVIEL’s high viscoelasticity provides a high lifting capacity which enhances the face lines naturally, as well as retaining its shape against various environmental and physical pressures after injection

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Long Duration

CLEVIEL’s unique properties attribute to its long duration that treatment effect can last for 12-15 months or more

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Natural & Steady

Low chemical linkages (< 1%) stabilize the HA particles structures, reduce swelling and contribute to the natural and expectable result

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Reliable Safety

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in the skin and is absorbed in the body, causes no harm to human body




「4L Cross-Linking Technology」


CLEVIEL 「4L Cross-Linking Technology」 is certified as the New Excellent Technology (NET) at the first HA filler by Ministry of Health & Welfare of South Korea Government (26th Dec, 2013)


Low BDDE* - Limited use of BDDE for safety

Low Temperature - Minimization of HA deformation caused by heat during manufacturing process

Low Swelling - Retaining of an original volume by limiting the degree of gel swelling

Long Duration - Improvement of durability due to high content and concentration of gel ingredients

*BDDE is a common chemical cross-linking agent


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Park, Sunyoung, et al. "Investigation of the Degradation-Retarding Effect Caused by the Low Swelling Capacity of a Novel Hyaluronic Acid Filler Developed by Solid-Phase Crosslinking Technology." Annals of dermatology 26.3 (2014): 357-362.